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Herbarz Polski. Część I: Wiadomości historyczno-genealogiczne o rodach szlacheckich, t. I-XVII [reprint]

Herbarz Polski. Część I: Wiadomości historyczno-genealogiczne o rodach szlacheckich, t. I-XVII [reprint]

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  • Warszawa 1899-1913
  • Gebethner i Wolff
  • ss. 385, 396, 388, 400, 400, 398, 410, 397, 402, 394, 398, 402, 400, 396, 396, 280, 320, VI, 148
  • pplast., grzbiet imitacja skóry, złocenia, otarcia, 30 cm.


One of the most substantial Polish armorials. It refers to the entire area of Poland before the country had been partitioned by the neighbouring powers. Boniecki's aim was to provide a detailed study fulfilling the contemporary scientific requirements. Volume 1, in which the author drew on innumerable sources, including the state archives as well as original documents and authenticated copies supplied by noble families, came out in 1899. He carried on with his magnum opus assisted by a number of regional researchers and thus managed to publish 12 volumes more (covering the names from A to K) until his death in 1909. Maintaining the same quality standards, Boniecki's work was continued by Artur Reiski, one of his assistants. However, the project remained unfinished due to the outbreak of WW1. thus the armorial consists of 16 volumes and it ends with the name Makomaski. This is how the best, despite some unavoidable errors, and the largest genealogical study of Poland's nobility came into being. The armorial depicts numerous coats of arms and, significantly, it quotes a wealth of references where the information provided can be verified.

This copy is a reprint by Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filmowe, Warsaw 1985-87. Excellent condition.