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[plakat, 1958] Wystawa rysunków T. Kulisiewicza

[plakat, 1958] Wystawa rysunków T. Kulisiewicza

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Polish posters


  • Warszawa 1958
  • Centralne Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych
  • druk na papierze, wym. 66,5 x 47 cm.


What an amazing get-together of two giants of Polish graphic art. The poster by Roman Cieślewicz (Cieslewicz) on display here was meant to promote an exhibition of drawings authored by Tadeusz Kulisiewicz, which was held in Warsaw in 1958. Tadeusz Kulisiewicz (1899-1988) ranked among the most outstanding Polish graphic artists. Initially, he was an acclaimed woodcutter heavily influenced by Władysław (Wladyslaw) Skoczylas, who had been his tutor at the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy back in the 1920's. Having lost all his woodcutting plates together with his entire atelier during the tragic Warsaw Rising of 1944, he took to drawing and drypoint throughout his post-WW2 career, oftentimes artistically processing his numerous travels abroad (Western Europe, Brazil, China, USSR, to name just a few of his destinations). Notably, the poster presented here, a fine example of Roman Cieślewicz' art, was commissioned in connection with the 1958 Kulisiewicz' drawing exhibition after his journeys to Mexico and India. Roman Cieślewicz (1930-1996) was one of the most distinguished representatives of the internationally acclaimed Polish School of Posters. Having graduated from the Poster Department of the Cracow Fine Arts Academy, he moved to Warsaw for a few years and finally emigrated to Paris in 1963, where he became an art director of fashion monthlies "Vogue" and "Elle" and participated in a number of art ventures. A winner of many art competitions all over Europe. Apart from Poland and France, where he naturalized in 1971, his art exhibitions were also held in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1974 and 1978), the Polish Museum of America, Chicago (1993) as well as in the Royal College of Art in London (2010 posth.).