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[plakat, 1957] 2. Wystawa Sztuki Nowoczesnej. Warszawa - 1957 - październik

[plakat, 1957] 2. Wystawa Sztuki Nowoczesnej. Warszawa - 1957 - październik

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Polish posters


  • Warszawa 1957
  • Centralne Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych
  • druk offsetowy o wym. 50 x 70 cm., wyraźne ślady złożenia, naddarcia krawędzi
  • rama o wym. 53,5 x 73,5 cm.


Extremely rare poster is of great historical value, dating back to 1957 when it was to promote 'The Second Exhibition of Modern Art', which ranks as a milestone in the post-WW2 annals of Poland's Avant-garde art, overshadowed so heavily until then by the officially dominant socialist realism. The poster was designed by Marian Bogusz (b. 1920 - d. 1980), a superb painter, sculptor and an incredibly active organizer of artistic life in this country. Having graduated from Warsaw's Fine Arts Academy in 1948, he created metaphorical paintings bordering on surrealism, characterized by poster-like form and symbolic treatment of colours. He was active in The Club of Young Artists and Scientists, co-founded 'The 55 Group' and 'The Krzywe Koło Gallery'. In 1959 he started to experiment with Informalism. His metal constructions show a great deal of fascination with Władysław Strzemiński's theory of unism. It was also his idea to arrange for the Biennale of Outdoor Installations held in Elbląg from 1965 onwards as well as numerous en-plein-air events in Osiek. Apart from authoring 'The Second Exhibition of Modern Art' poster, Marian Bogusz also designed the exhibition's catalogue and was a member of the organizing committee alongside Tadeusz Kantor, Jerzy Nowosielski, Henryk Stażewski and Mieczysław Porębski, who wrote the catalogue's introduction, too. Several artistic groups took part in the event, including the Cracow Group II (prior to 1957 known as the Group of Young Visual Artists), the Artes Group, the 4F+R Group, the ST53 Group as well as the 55 Group. The exhibits displayed included those by such Polish art giants (apart from the ones listed above) as Walerian Borowczyk, Tadeusz Brzozowski, Zbigniew Dłubak, Maria Jarema, Jan Lebenstein, Jan Lenica, Alina Szapocznikow and Jerzy Tchórzewski, just to name a few. A fantastic testimony .