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Columbia Project On Asia In The Core Curriculum. Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective. A Guide for Teaching

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Edited by B. Stoler Miller


Armonk - New York - London 1993

M.E. Sharpe; An East Gate Book

s. [XXV], 583, piecz. własnośc. na str. tyt.

brosz. lakier., niew. ubytek okładziny grzb. okł., 23 cm.


The Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum began in 1984 to support the introduction of material on Asia into the core curricula of undergraduate institutions throughout the country. Three "Guides for Teaching" are the result of dialogue between Asian specialists and colleagues specializing in the Western tradition who most often teach the introductory, general education courses in the various academic isciplines. There was no attempt to stress Asia at the expense of the West. The purpose was to identify texts, themes, and comparative concepts that would provide avenues of entry for Asian material into core courses in literature, history, and the social sciences. The guides are entitled: Asia in Western and World History, Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective, and Asia: Case Studies in the Social Sciences. Each volume contains approximately forty essays by leading specialists that suggest a range of possibilities for introducing material on Asia. The essays are arranged to provide the widest choice of approaches to meet the reader's pedagogical needs. While the guides are discrete publications, they form a series that facilitates interdisciplinary teaching: An instructor who chooses, for example, to draw upon William Hauser's discussion of Tokugawa Japan in world history in this volume will also find material of interest in Donald Keene's essay on Chikamatsu's "Love Suicides at Sonezaki" (in Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective), in William W. Kelly's article on "Rural Society in Japan: Past and Present," in Theodore Bestor's discussion of "Urban Life in Japan," and in Stephen R. Smith's essay on "The Family in Japan" (in Asian Case Studies in the Social Sciences).

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